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Name: JS-pyj
Note: JS-pyj
“Jinsui” Shoulders the type to throw the rice shoot machine,

The whole  structure simple, the manufacture is convenient.
that is belongs to an atomization powder gun function part.
It is one kind both may throw the rice shoot, and may carry on the atomization,
 the dusting multi-purpose work farm machinery. Its volume small, the weight
is light, necessary throws the rice shoot work gross weight with the spraying
 machine only then 13 kilograms, Simplex operation can finished.It’s  biggest
merit is takes the power ejection rice seedling using the air,Overcame the
 centrifugal force which produced by gear revolving to throw the rice shoot to
 rub the abrasion rice shoot the phenomenon.

Uses this machine 15-30 minute then to complete Chinese acre place to throw
the rice shoot.Withing Jin Suipai atomizes the powder gun,The rice seedling
farthest ejection distance is above 10 meters, may amount to 3 meters highly,
throws the rice shoot to be evener than artificially.

The big accelerator assumes the covering of fan to throw, the small accelerator
 does makes up thinly can achieve three, five fixed points fills a vacancy the
 arriving.Throws the rice seedling which the rice shoot machine uses is the
plastic thin plate grows rice seedlings.Rice shoot plate each hole 2-3, the body
seedling is sturdy, after throws the rice shoot the growing trend to be stable,
the survival rate is high, disease-resistant, the resistant to lodging, anti-low
temperature ability, turns green quickly.Because the rice seedling root system
 brings the gentleman not to injury the root, the general 4-6 day turns green.

Shoulders the type to throw the rice shoot machine’s efficiency is high,
 snatches the farmer season, saves the seed, the province is fat, high
production, highly effective, reduced the labor intensity,as to people

Transplants rice seedlings ahead of time 5-7 day maturity, each Chinese acre
 increases production about 100 kilograms.

Has obtained the remarkable effect, deeply general farmer's affection.